Acmel-Active affects the skin-nerve connection causing the facial muscles to relax, thereby reducing lines and signs of facial stress. This neuro-cosmetic ingredient plays a similar role to Botox without any side effects, while contributing to the formation and enhancement of collagen.



Acmella oleracea extract, propanediol, water


Appearance: Light golden liquid

Solubility: Water soluble, partially soluble in ethanol 

pH: 5.42

pH range: 4.5 - 6.5

  • Non-irritant
  • Derived from nature
  • Traditionally used
  • Safe


Use level: 3–7%

Shelf-life: 24 months


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-ageing
  • Analgesic & skin calming
  • Skin and nerve interaction
  • Soothing after AHA treatment


The flowers used in this unique formulation come from the Acmella oleracea plant. Acmella oleracea, also called Paracress or Jambu, comes from the family Asteraceae, and is an annual herb that is native to Brazil’s tropics. The plant and its plant species are distributed widely across tropical and subtropical regions in the Americas, North Australia, Africa, India, Borneo, and Malaya (1106).


The plant is also known as the Toothache Plant because of its numbing and soothing properties. It is used for the treatments of scabies, scurvy and pain. It is also used as a spice in Brazilian dishes, as its leaves and Acmella flowers are popular for their pungency, tingling, numbing, and mouth-watering sensory properties.


The signature component of Acmel-Active is Spilanthol, an active antiseptic alkaloid with a strong pungent taste that produces local astringency and anaesthetic effects. There are also a range of other bioactive molecules such as alkaloids, glycosides, flavanoids, tannins, anthraquinones, saponins and glycosides present in the active.


Acmella oleracea extract is a natural alternative to Botox with marked lifting, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties. The specific active ingredient, Spilanthol, is a myorelaxant alkaloid with antiseptic properties that inhibits the underlying facial muscles from contracting, with a result similar to the botulinum toxin used in Botox. The release of muscle tension results in smoother-looking skin and the reparation of wrinkles such as forehead lines, crow’s feet and smile lines.

This functional ingredient falls into the category of Neuro-Cosmetics, in other words, those ingredients affecting the relationship between nerves and the skin, in particular the facial skin. Inner emotions and stresses find expression on our faces and Acmel-Active is a calming sedative option. Also as noted in research papers, this ingredient helps to reinforce the collagen network by stimulating the contractile force of the fibroblasts and increasing cell-collagen fibre interaction. The numbing effect is effective in soothing skin after AHA treatments.

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