Quality Cosmetic and Nutraceutical Extracts

Zuplex Botanicals is a South African manufacturer of proven active extracts using African botanicals. Zuplex is engaged in the cultivation of botanicals, product research and development, and the manufacturing of extracts.

Our market focus is on cosmetic and nutraceutical extracts but we do research and product development in other sectors such as flavour and food.

Full regulatory compliance, with the objective of environmental sustainability and protection of South Africa's plant diversity, is core to our business.

Zuplex products


Zuplex is built on enormous plant biodiversity which is an important South African resource. The country is home to almost 25% of the world's plant species, many of which have unique qualities and chemical profiles. However, only a few species are known or traded internationally, and the bulk of current exports receive low value-addition and only primary processing prior to export. Zuplex is linked to an established cultivation site owned by a community trust which is also a significant shareholder in Zuplex. Our major product categories are: Cosmetic Active Ingredients; Cosmetic Oils; Nutraceuticals; Functional Beverages; Botanicals



Zuplex is a commercial business with a strong social enterprise component through its partnership with a rural village community in KwaZulu-Natal. This community has established a business called Muthi Futhi which has a significant shareholding in Zuplex.

Our extracts and oils are marketed through an international network of selected specialist cosmetic ingredient distributors.

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