South Africa has an enormous resource in its plant biodiversity. The country is home to almost 25% of the world's plant species, many of which have unique qualities. However, only a few species are known or traded internationally, and the bulk of current exports receive low value-addition and only primary processing, such as drying and milling, prior to export. 

Zuplex has been established to add value to unique and established botanicals through the manufacture of standardised extracts using innovative technologies. Zuplex is vertically integrated and offers services from cultivation to the final preparation of extracts. Through direct shareholding by a community trust, Zuplex has an established cultivation site and and a new extraction facility. 

Our market focus is primarily on cosmetic extracts but we are doing some research and product development in the nutrition, flavour, fragrance and complementary health sectors.


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CEO: Gill Whittington Banda
Mobile: +27 82 9212931

Dominic Mitchell: Director Marketing and Innovation
Mobile +27 82 4580760